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Diet clinic is pleased to offer a dietetic based weight loss program which is specifically directed by trained nutritionists/ dietitians from India.  We all know weight gain is both a medical and physical concern, although nowadays there are plenty of quick fix solutions available in the form of pills, diets, and equipment that claim to show you how to lose weight fast and easy, without much effort.Unfortunately, many of these so-called miracle weight loss plans are not really a viable option as they have not been scientifically proven. One of the first steps in trying to figure out how to lose weight and keep it off as well.

There was a time when the term "diet" was synonymous to starvation, monotonous meals made of only boiled vegetables, strenuous exercise and even weight reduction medicines. When it came to it, sometimes "dieting" could mean all the above together. Those times are thankfully by gone. I have introduced one of the best weight loss program where you will get proof of that. Diet Clinic’s program look at your body as a whole and after consultations, present you with a diet plan that will not just make you look fit, but feel healthy and enjoy the lifestyle you love. In today's world, being thin and being healthy are a world apart. Once you have reached that ideal weight, we design a specific program customized for you so that you can maintain that ideal weight for longer. Read more

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Eat a low-calorie fruit like an apple or a pear to curb your sweet tooth. It satisfies your urge for something sweet, provides vital nutrients as well as avoids empty sugar calories of any sweet food / chocolates Read More..


past fifteen odd years – could not be given away as these were too nice – I looked at the box often – when would I be able to wear these again!.

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Welcome to the my weight loss menu, our purpose is to present you with the best in reliable, up-to-date health information. our team of expert dietician / nutritionist will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle with their expert .[Read More..]

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We all know fruits and vegetables can be a healthy part of every meal i.e: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert.The recipes in this section will help you to acquire the best taste yet work n your waistline.We offer vast variety .  [Read More....]