Diet Clinic is also at Ambala City

Address:- 835, Veetrag  Vatika, Urban Estate, Sect.7, Opp. Civil Hospital, Ambala City, Haryana

Phone No - +91 7087138185, +91 8010888222

We are open every day from 9am to 5 pm

Ambala is a city in Haryana state that stands at the borders with state Punjab. Ambala was allegedly founded by Amba Rajput in 14th century. In 1847 it was proclaimed as a district. Since then the district has gone through a lot of territorial changes as a lot of tehsils were added and taken from this district.

There is a strong military presence in Ambala. We can find here both army and Airforce base. Ambala’s Airforce base was left to IAF by British army. It is said to be the largest and oldest Airforce base in India.

Ambala is famous for its markets – Cloth market and scientific market.

Cloth market has around 900 – 1000 shops, which makes it one of the largest cloth markets in the whole Asia. Shoppers from all around come to this market to sell their clothes. They come mainly from Punab and Himachal Pradesh. The main types of clothes that buyers are interested in are Silk and Sarees clothes.

At Scientific market you can find products such as glass apparatus, microscopes, laboratory equipment and so on. In fact, Ambala is one of the main hubs for making and selling all kinds of scientific products.

Our diet clinic is located in the Housing board colony on the main road right opposite Civil Hospital.


Location Address

Diet Clinic Ambala City

Address:- 835, Veetrag Vatika, Urban Estate, Sector.7
Opp. Civil Hospital, Ambala City, Haryana
Call us at +91 7087138184 +91 8295195172


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