Detox diet program

Winters have begun and so has the celebrations and outings increased. It is wedding season as well and people tend to eat calorie-rich foods, junk foods, pastries and sweet-dishes. All this leads to unbalanced meals, fat gain and leads to toxins in our body. Also pollution in air, use of pesticides and chemicals in fruits , vegetables and foods we eat, all lead to toxin accumalation in our bodies. To fight this, Diet Clinic brings the special 21-Days Detox Diet Program which helps you to detox your body and build your body immunity. It is a comprehensive program which make you feel fresh and energized to welcome the new year with a new zeal. Get rid of the excess fat with this new offer by Diet Clinic and detoxify yourself with the perfect combinations of healthy foods under the supervision of our qualified and expert dietician Sheela Seharawat.  This offer is valid till 20th December 2017