4 months winter Special Packages

4 months winter package

    4 months winter package for Rs.10,000/- only

Winter is the time when people become less active and wrap themselves in comfortable clothes and blankets. They tend to gain weight as there are many hot and tasty recipes to eat and enjoy especially during winter - time. Our body metabolism also reduces in winter whereas our body demands more food to keep itself warm during winters. Diet Clinic brings you a special Winter Offer for weight loss. Lose 15-25 kg in 4 months, package starting from 1st December 2017. We will plan the best diet charts for you according to your food habits, lifestyle and individual requirements. Our diet plans will not only help you reduce weight but also prevent you from munching on high calorie foods by guiding you what to eat and what to avoid in meals. This offer is valid till 5th January 2018. Avail now and get fit this Winter !