Rakshabandhan Recipes


Breakfast is the first and foremost meal of our day and it is of prime importance as it breaks the 10 to 12 hour fast of the body. Those people who usually skip the br..... READ MORE

Dessert Meals

Everybody loves desserts after meals but sweets cause weight gain because it contains huge calories and if your lifestyle is sedentary then extra calories will surely ..... READ MORE


Best time to take lunch is 1 to 2 P.M and if you delay it more than it is may spoil the whole day eating schedule, which may cause overeating and obesity. Your lunch m..... READ MORE


Take an early and light dinner. The best time to have it is 7 to 8 P.M. At night your metabolism slows down therefore your body requires very less calories at night. Y..... READ MORE

Between The Meals

Dieticians suggest that taking 3 meals a day is not scientific and the term dieting means dividing the quantity of your three meals into six meals. It is important to ..... READ MORE


Soups are best appetite enhancer and contains plethora of nutritious vitamins and essential minerals. You can take both non veg and vegetable soups as per your choice ..... READ MORE


Beverages are refreshing and healthy for the mind and body provided you are taking healthy beverages. Healthy beverages means beverages prepared at home with no sugar ..... READ MORE


Most of the snacks commonly available in the market today are high in fat, sugar and sodium. If these foods are consumed frequently, they could affect our heal..... READ MORE


There is no specific time suggested for taking salads. You can enjoy them anytime during the day. They are very good detoxifiers as they are rich source of fiber. Sala..... READ MORE

Other Recipes

For a better body metabolism it has been suggested by dieticians that quantity of the food that we take in three meals should be divided in six meals a day. This helps..... READ MORE










Navratri Fast Recipes

Navratri Fast Recipes ( make sundals or sweet recipes )

here you will find a compiled list of fasting or vrat recipes that are made during the navratri festi..... READ MORE


Ramadan Recipes 

Fasting during Ramadan can improve one’s health, but only if done in the proper manner. But if done incorrectly,..... READ MORE

Healthy HOLI Recipes

Healthy HOLI Recipes

Holi Festival Recipes 2018 - Get the most cooked and delicious holi special recipes like gujiya, kachori, thandai, malpua and..... READ MORE

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