Importance of a balanced diet

All that you should know about balanced diet

All that you should know about balanced diet

A prevalent dietary advice in the world is to consume a balanced diet. This seems relatively easy in the modern world, where terms like "carbohydrates," "fiber," "fructose" and "omega-3 fatty acids" are part of the daily conversation about Weight Loss Foods. In recent decades, scientific research has advanced rapidly in the understanding of human nutrition, with one drawback - it has complicated the definition ...

Protein Diet

What Is Protein? How Much You Need, Benefits and its Sources?

This can be said that proteins required no introduction. There are three major macronutrients which build up a diet; the major two is the fat and the carbohydrates. This is said that there are hundreds of products which act as a supplement by the energy bars. These are mainly designed to make to build protein and fix them well. There is an entire diet which is based on the intake of proteins which mainly consists of Atkins diet or even in case of the paleo diets. As stated by dietitian Sheela Sherawat protein is mainly co...

Menstrual awareness

From Taboo to Women Empowerment: Menstrual Awareness

In many cultural societies, menstruation is considered a taboo, enveloped by silence and shrouded in misconceptions. Menstruation is not openly talked about and many females lack knowledge on the subject. Yet, awareness on menstrual hygiene and menstruation is evolving as a pivotal issue for development, gender equality, and human rights. Humans, amongst a very few mammals, are blessed with this biological process. Menstruation perpetuates humanity, and it should be celebrated, rather than being shameful about it. This article highlights ...


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