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High Protein & low fat containing non vegetarian diet plan for weight loss

Today, the debate over the production and consumption of meat versus vegetarian diet is raging across the globe. It must be said that globally, we eat on average a lot more meat than before, mainly because of the food transition in countries such as China and India. And whosoever ever told you that you can’t have a weight loss diet plan without Non-Vegetarian food was wrong. Here, we’ll suggest you a Non-Vegetarian food diet for weight loss that would keep you full while keeping your weight in check.

What to ...

Low Carb Diet

What are the Low-carb foods list

Eating a low carb diet can have remarkable health benefits. It has been shown to considerably trim down hunger levels. And it tends to lead to regular weight loss, without the requirement for calorie counting. It amplifies fat burning and makes you feel more satisfied, dropping food intake and thus causing weight loss.

What are the Low-Carb Foods List?

Low carb stands for a variety of different diets where the carbohydrate content in the diet is significantly reduced. Typical examples are the Atkins di...

Importance of a balanced diet

All that you should know about balanced diet

All that you should know about balanced diet

A prevalent dietary advice in the world is to consume a balanced diet. This seems relatively easy in the modern world, where terms like "carbohydrates," "fiber," "fructose" and "omega-3 fatty acids" are part of the daily conversation about Weight Loss Foods. In recent decades, scientific research has advanced rapidly in the understanding of human nutrition, with one drawback - it has complicated the definition ...


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