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The 11 Most Common Weight-loss Blunders Dietitians See

Every day millions of people commit to a diet and wish to lose weight. But very few of them succeed. There are too many errors which happen not because they are cheating on their diet but because they do not know enough. It is essential to be on the right path and avoid all errors to lose weight quickly and effectively. Dietician Sheela Sherawat of Diet Clinic shares invaluable tips from her long experience. 
What to do and Not to do advise
1 Losing weight without results on the scale
Do you think you are stuck in your weight loss regime? Do not panic. The weight can vary from a few kilos depending on your diet and the fluctuation of your hormones that can promote water retention. 
2 Not being aware of what you are ingesting
Most people do not realize how much they eat. It is not a question of counting the calories or weighing the food but of observing.  Today, it is common to eat while watching television or answering an email. So you are not aware of the quantities you consume, and this increases your food intake by 30%.
3 Do not eat enough protein
Proteins are foods that promote weight loss because they are low in calories. In addition, they are satiating and help avoid snacking during the day. 
4 Eat too many calories
It is possible that you absorb too many calories without knowing it. Beware of hidden sugars found in processed food. Today 74% of processed foods contain added sugars.
5 Do not eat unrefined food
Quality matters over quantity. Entirely avoid refined and processed food because they have lost all nutritional quality.
6. Not doing exercise
Working your muscles is a must for your weight loss. It is necessary to tone your body especially if you want to lose fat.
7 Nibble too often
Often during Weight Loss Diet, you end up snacking. Prohibiting food for too long make you want to eat, and you cannot resist. All the efforts made are for nothing when you throw yourself on a chocolate bar.
8 Drinking in calories
Concentrated fruit juices, sodas, and energizing drinks are the worst enemies of a diet. These are high-calorie sugar bombs and should be consumed sparingly.
9 Do not get enough sleep
Recent studies have demonstrated the impact of non-restorative sleep on weight gain. Lack of energy promotes compensatory food intake and attraction to sugary foods which may cause a weight increase of 20%.
10 Having untreated health problems 
Diabetes, thyroid disorders, or hormonal disturbances can be the cause of weight gain. Also, some medications such as anti-depressants or oral contraceptives will add weight. 
11. Banning fat completely
Do not make the mistake of banning fats if to slim down. Fat is a good source of lipids which allow our muscles, our brain, and our cells to function at full speed. As part of a slimming program, a daily intake of 1 gram of lipids per kilo of body weight is ideal.
What points should be remembered?
Skipping a meal may seem like a good idea, but it is not. Skipping a meal increases the feeling of hunger for the next meal, which increases the chances of eating more and storing fat. 
One of the secrets to achieving one's goal of weight loss preparing meals in advance to save valuable time. You can control your diet from A to Z with a healthy diet, made by you.
Do not think of your commitment as a "diet," think instead rebalancing of food habits with Weight Loss Foods.
Best Plan to follow
Make sure that you eat a balanced diet with all the three food groups as well as essential minerals and vitamins. If you deprive yourself of any particular food group like with a low carbohydrate diet, do it only with the advice of a dietitian. Take lots of rest and indulge in physical activity and you cannot but lose weight. 


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