Purple Day For Epilepsy Awareness

Purple Day For Epilepsy Awareness

Acclaimed dietician and founder of  Diet Clinic, Sheela Seharawat says that having epilepsy could be scary at any age and especially if it with young children, it could be terrifying for the family too. Every day thousands of people are diagnosed with epilepsy that will change their lives forever. Through the Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness, that is being observed on the 26th of March every year, education initiative and funds raiser events are organized to help people and their families come in terms with epilepsy, let them know that they are not alone and get the confidence to face the truth and deal with its diagnosis.

Epilepsy is a common brain disorder, yet is the most neglected and misunderstood. Epilepsy can strike anyone at any time, but it is not an illness. It affects the brain, but it is not a mental or psychiatric disorder. It may sometimes be passed on from one generation to the next, but it is not at all contagious. It is not usually curable, but in up to 80 percent of cases, it can be controlled effectively by drugs.

Epilepsy means no more than a tendency to have seizures. This liability to seizures may be caused by many underlying brain dysfunctions. Epilepsy is a group of disorders, not a single condition. 
It covers a multitude of conditions to do with brain malfunction - in fact, asking what is epilepsy is rather like asking how the weather is? when every day is different. It affects each person differently, with a wide range of symptoms and very varying degrees of severity.


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