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Dietician Sheela Seharawat
Diet Clinic In Mohali

Diets are the most vital part of any weight loss program and without proper diets it is almost impossible to lose weight. It has been witnessed that many people go for multifarious strenuous work outs but still they do not get desired results, it happens because they do not take proper diets to lose weight. Dieting does not mean that you have to remain starved for all the day; it is only rationalization of the regular homemade diets, indeed. We divide your regular three meals into six meals a day. Therefore you will be getting much shorter but frequent diets. In all the process of dieting you will be eating more than usual but the way and patter of eating will be different.

Diet clinic Mohali is providing customized diets for people who are tired of obesity or diseases which are caused because of it. We also provide therapeutic diets which are helpful in treatment of various chronic diseases. Our weight loss therapy includes plenty of water, fruits, juices, raw vegetables and many more and we suggest people to maintain distance from sugar, yeast, refined grains like Maida and other calorie enhancers. No more strenuous exercises and tedious starvation are required but a light walk will be more effective for you. Contact diet clinic Mohali for more information.