This is a 3-week long slimming program and targets to lose around 2 to 3 kilos from your body. Diets are chiefly composed of fluids and splashes that rejuvenate the urinary system so that you get rid of from harmful toxins that get conglomerated in the body cells. These toxins are present in air, water and the food we have and cause long term body loss. Body fatigue and helplessness is the immediate symptom of accumulation of toxins.
Take lots of water, fiber rich fruits and vegetables [preferably raw] to clear the digestive track. Take meals as prescribed and use less oil while cooking. Make grilling and roasting a part of kitchen. The diet plan clearly guides about the quality, quantity and the manner in which you should take foods.

Removal of harmful toxins in first week will increase the weight loss speed and both weight loss and toxin release will complement to each other. Regular 30 minutes walk will make your day. Lots of sweat too releases lots of toxins and burn lots of fat. You will start noticing positive changes in the body within 10 days of the program begin. Don’t stop there and keep yourself motivated and boosted.

This is super healthy weight loss program and really very effective, but you have to be sincere towards it. Just experience the fabulous results after a 3 week long hardship and conviction and too not to eat ruthlessly after the completion of the plan. Our motive is to incorporate healthy habits in your life. Veggies, non veggies and eggetarians, all can take this plan as they get their diet according to their food choices.
Release of toxins will reconstruct your digestion and toxin excretion and you get a slimmer, smarter and better look. An active you will lead an active world.