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Consuming Dairy Products Causes Prostate Cancer

Consuming dairy products causes prostate cancer (contain casein) but avoiding it completely can cause bone health and other health problems. What is the alternative?

Researches and studies conducted on the subject of milk have proved that people who avoid dairy products have lesser chances of developing prostate cancer. On the other hand, it has also revealed that avoiding dairy and dairy products reap from other nutritional benefits also, such as saturated fats, cholesterol and calcium. 


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The 11 Most Common Weight-loss Blunders Dietitians See

Every day millions of people commit to a diet and wish to lose weight. But very few of them succeed. There are too many errors which happen not because they are cheating on their diet but because they do not know enough. It is essential to be on the right path and avoid all errors to lose weight quickly and effectively. Dietician Sheela Sherawat of Diet Clinic shares invaluable tips from her long experience. 
What to do and Not to do advise
1 Losing weight without results on the scale
Do you thin...

What Is a Flexitarian Diet? What to Eat and How to Follow the Plan

What Is a Flexitarian Diet? What to Eat and How to Follow the Plan

If vegetarianism has been practiced for millennia, flexitarianism is much more recent and about a decade old. With the increase in the number of vegetarians in West, flexitarianism is becoming more and more widespread, primarily as a transition to vegetarianism in opinion of Dietician Sheela Sherawat from Diet Clinic.
Perhaps you are flexitarian without even knowing? The concept seems rather widespread, except that individuals who have adopted this food practice have not necessarily used the name for their Weight Loss plan.


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