You will find plenty of people in contemporary times following the vegan diet and avoiding anything that’s directly or indirectly related to animal products. Veganism is the in-thing for the rich and influential, as they have the money to spend on good food. But wait a minute. These days, the vegan diet is catching up with the common man too. A lot of people visit dieticians and ask them how can they follow the vegan diet and yet get the best protein-rich foods that the body needs. No vegans can’t eat eggs, meat and not even milk that comes from cows and buffalos. They eat plant-based products and need their protein intake from plants. So, veganism is no child’s play and only one of the best dietitians in Delhi can help a vegan meet with their regular protein and vitamin requirements.

Chickpeas – High in protein. It contains around 7.25 gms per half-cup. It’s extremely nutritious with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Lentils – Red or green, it is a known fact that lentils provide a lot of protein. Cooked lentils can provide around 8.84gms of protein per half-cup. So, it’s quite a number and it’s highly recommended by the best dietitian In Delhi for weight gain and loss, as lentils are a powerhouse of nutrients and antioxidants.

Almonds – Almonds contain around 16.5 gm of protein per half a cup. It’s also great for the skin and eyesight.

Quinoa – One can get 8 gm of protein per cup of Quinoa and this is certainly great. High in nutrients like magnesium, iron, and manganese, it’s something that the Best Dietitian in India will recommend one and all.

Chia Seeds – These seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids and are highly nutritious too! These seeds are a rich source of protein and contain around 2 Gms per tsp.

Kale - 2gms of protein per cup of kale is a good source and that’s why you will find many vegans going gaga over this veggie. Certainly a must in the vegan diet.

Hemp seeds–Wow! You can get around 5gms of protein per teaspoon and it’s certainly a great deal. Get it online and you are good with it!

Well, these are the protein-rich foods for a vegan diet!