Everyone knows that cancer is a deadly disease and it is unpredictable. However, to reduce the
risk of cancer, you can follow some tips and changing in lifestyle is a vital factor to minimize the
risk of cancer. Following are the tips to boost your health and help you to lower the risk of
cancer relevantly.

1. Regular Cancer screening test
Consult with doctor frequently for the cancer testing and go through the process. This way
you can easily keep on track of your health. This screening test will help you to provide the
ultimate health awareness and you can lead a fearless life, with a proper awareness of your

2. Lose Weight & Stay Fit
Obesity is another cause of cancer. Well, by reducing weight and with a proper diet plan you
can eliminate the risk of various kinds of cancer such as endometrium, prostate, and colon
cancer. Healthy foods are important to include in your daily diet plan. Eat lots of vegetables
and fruits to minimize the risk of the disease.

3. Exercise Regularly
Physical activity is essential in our daily life. You should go for a walk or do some sports
activities. This will help to boost your health and improve your blood circulation. You will
surely get the health benefits by exercising regularly.

4. Healthy Diet is Important
Eating 2 and half cup of fresh fruits and vegetables daily can improve your health. Minimize
to eat processed foods, red meat like pork; lamb etc will give you the best health advantages.
Choose whole wheat bread, brown rice instead of white bread etc. Reduce the quantity of
sugar intake.

5. Limit Alcohol
Alcohol consumption may increase the risk of cancer. It can cause several types of cancer
such as breast, mouth, throat, voice box, esophagus, liver, colon and rectal cancer. Men
should limit their alcohol consumption into 2 drinks daily. Women may go for 1 drink daily
if they want.

There is no sure way to predict about any kinds of cancers, but with healthy life style and
changing of habits, you can surely prevent the risk of such disease. Maintaining healthy life
is vital and with healthy foods and diet plan, you can lead a disease free life. Be healthy and
look younger by getting into an easy customized diet plan that will truly work for you.

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