Where should I eat on a rainy day?
Dietician Sheela Seharawat
Where should I eat on a rainy day

During the summer season, especially if you’re in India, you hardly want to eat anything because it’s that hot. In fact, all you want to do during summer is sit at home with the AC on, sip on frozen drinks and chill with your friends. So when the rain-bearing clouds finally enter your city, you start craving for food, especially hot and spicy food. If you are an Indian, samosa, and chai is one combination that has got to be on your mind whenever it rains, right? But do you know that you should try to avoid deep-fried food during the rainy season? Our digestive power becomes extremely weak during monsoon, therefore, it is advised to stay away from oily, deep-fried or street food during this season. 

What to avoid during the rainy season?
Monsoon season brings with it a lot of infections and diseases, so street food isn’t the best option. 
No, not only street food but green leafy vegetables are also a big no-no during this season as they carry extra bacteria. All our lives we have been told that green leafy vegetables are the best thing for your health but this is the one time it’s absolutely not. 

Try to avoid fruit juice and cut fresh fruits which are sold on the roadside or small open places. There’s a high chance that these fruits have been cut for a very long time and have been in contact with contaminated air. 

Another mouth-watering food you should totally avoid during the monsoon is gol-gappa/ panipuri/ phutchka. No matter how much you’re craving for it, try to stay away from it. If you absolutely need to have it, make sure you have it dry and not with the water.

If you are a non-vegetarian, this season tries to stay away from sea-food. Monsoon is the breeding season for fishes and prawns. Consuming these when they have eggs inside can cause severe food poisoning.

So, the best place to eat during the rainy season would be at home. Yes, home food. No matter how irresistible the roadside hot and spicy pakodas and samosas may seem during this season, they aren’t the best for your health. So, try to avoid these items as much as possible. Instead, have light healthy snacks made at home and enjoy the rain to the fullest! 

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