Diet Clinic is situated in Greater Noida.

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Here at present, we are only available for three hours and for two days. We are here on Wednesday and Saturday only, 3pm-6pm

Greater Noida is under the process of development. Its speed of development is definitely very rapid and very soon it will be like Noida.

In 1980s Delhi was growing so rapidly, that the government was afraid it would cause chaos. So to solve this problem, they have decided to build industrial cities around Delhi. They first developed Noida, but they underestimated the population growth, so soon they decided to develop another city called Greater Noida.

At first, it was meant to be an extension of Noida, but then in the 1990s the plan changed and Greater Noida was built as an independent city. They also planned to build there a railway station near Boraki and an airport; in 2012 they decided not to build the airport.

Some interesting facts about Greater Noida: all the cabling and utilities have been built underground. The letters of Greek alphabet are used as names for the city’s sectors. The oldest sectors are Alpha, Beta and Gama. All the roads have been build wide and each mayor road has service lanes.

Jaypee Sports City - a part of Greater Noida - has a lot of sport related buildings like international standard cricket stadium, a hockey stadium, and an international Formula 1 racing circuit. The racing circuit is called the Buddh International Circuit. The Indian Grand Prix race has been held there every year.

Our diet clinic is in the sector Alpha in the Tradex tower 2.

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Diet Clinic Greater Noida

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