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Our diet has a big impact on our health. Indeed, many diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart attack are due to unsupervised diet. A healthy and balanced diet brings massive benefits for the body. Wanting to lose weight and reach our goal of weight loss can have a huge impact on our physical and emotional health.

Eat healthy to live longer:

According to Dietitian Sheela Sherawat founder of Diet Clinic Mohali - Adopting a healthy, balanced diet on a daily basis eliminates certain diseases. Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are the most prevalent. Studies done by nutritionists and doctors revealed that those who have an erroneous eating habit are likely to be diabetic or subject to cardiovascular problems. Diabetes is currently one of the most common causes of death worldwide. More than a million people die each year from diabetes.

A healthy and balanced diet is based on the consumption of the right foods, varied and according to our age. In this context, vegetables especially those of orange and dark green color, whole grains such as barley and oats, fish such as salmon and sardines and lean meats are to be favored in a healthy diet. Otherwise, meat substitutes such as tofu are also allowed.

A good diet also nourishes the skin deeply. It also helps keep the skin well hydrated and supple.

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