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I have been associated with Diet Clinic for last 5 years or more and for last 2 years I have been handling the Jaipur Diet Clinic center.

This journey started with an interest around the area of health and healthy living and I started reading very consistently everything related with health and nutrition. I was spending most of time in books and on blogs and during such of time I’ve come in contact with Dietitian Sheela Seharawat and our personal meeting further fetched my interest in this field. I started giving or taking her time and actively getting involved in the diet plan and weight management plans.

When I found that I have acquired knowledge , two years ago I decided to mentoring team at  here at Jaipur. Learning a few things is always a fun but helping others and seeing the positive result and helping them to be happier and healthier in life is the best joy that I get as dietitian.

Sheela has the expertise in diet and has her grip on this subject and she helps her mentors to understand her and support clients. She has a system of briefing the dietitians for some months before getting them in. During that period my subject got clearer and I learnt a lot.

During my pregnancy my learning also helped me a lot and I find it very easier to help myself, my client and my baby and others due to my skills and knowledge of nutrition.

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