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The Journey of diet and diet clinic started when I experienced Sheela’s diet plan on myself. First I came in touch with her as a client. I see the changes in me.

I am from a business family who deals in wholesale medicine business so knowing about some medical things were part of my childhood memories but Sheela helped me to explore more. I took her extra attention and time. I learned more about dietary effect on our body how by food itself, without starvation we can lose weight.

When I found that yes I have explored a lot and in last one year I have given a good amount of time and energy in knowing this field and I am very serious and I would love to work as a dietitian then I started further talking with Sheela on a serious note that I want to be a dietitian. The whole process took more than six months of constant learning and training with her and then I started to see ……………………... diet clinic center.

It is almost one year and every day I am gaining more confidence and feel more positive about this profession.

Rajiv is very dedicated and hardworking and very positively runs the whole operation. He is also very punctual about his duties and responsibilities and that really makes the working environment very professional and clean.

As I was associated with them as client so I know what level of attachment a client could expect from its dietitian and I love to render my duties without fail. 

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