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I am Aarti Mishra, Masters in Nutrition Science from Allahabad University. I have been associated with Diet Clinic and Sheela ma’am since last 4 years. I always had the passion to help people improve their health through better nutrition knowledge and enjoy working with all types of people. There is a general misconception that dietitians only know how to count calories and help overweight and obese patients to lose weight.

At Diet Clinic, my role is more encompassing than that, I guide patients with different medical conditions in their dietary needs. Our approach is to offer clear, understandable, realistic advice and support to help patients tackle their nutritional issues and achieve goals. We always work closely with our clients to put together an individualized action plan which takes into consideration with medical background,
condition, nutritional requirements, activity and lifestyle.

I always take pleasure in what I do. There is great joy working with my patients, colleagues, doctors and other healthcare professionals. I feel a great deal of satisfaction seeing a patient under my care recovering and leaving the clinic with joy and achieved goals for what
they came for, all thanks to Sheela ma’am.

I use most of my creativity and professional expertise towards the prosperity of organizational and personal being with mutual value addition
on an ongoing basis.


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