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The journey of Diet Clinic Faridabad began two year ago when the first clinic was opened in Sector21C market. Within a span of 3months, we started the 2nd clinic in the prestigious market of Sector 15.

At Diet Clinic faridabad it is our constant endeavour to provide not only an effective Weight Loss program to our clients but also to guide them about how to lead a Healthy Lifestyle where there is a balanced eating without compromising on their social life
The team is focussed on motivating and encouraging the clients to meet their Weight Loss targets and constantly remind them as to why they have joined the program so that they do not loose focus. Not only this, every six months we reach out to our clients who have successfully completed the program just to check if they need any further guidance or support.We proudly share that 90% of our client base is through referral from Happy clients.

With a continued support from our mentor Dietician Sheela Sehrawat, we have been able to evolve programs not only for Weight Loss Diets but also for Therapeutic Diets to manage problems related to Hormonal Imbalance, PCOD/PCOS, Diabetes and other medical ailments caused due to Obesity.

We are now set to take this journey forward by creating awareness about importance of Healthy Lifestyle amongst the people of Faridabad by reaching out to them through forums like Rotary Clubs and Health Camps.

For our followers on the social networking platform we propose to initiate regular sessions through online chat for health tips and guidance on how to lead a healthy life.

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