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The journey of thousand steps starts with one and the journey of our Diet Clinic Preet Vihar began one year ago. Recently two months back I started another clinic at Noida.

As the awareness in this field is growing people are reaching to us and we are trying to go nearer to them. It is very important to be healthy and allowing people to have better idea about health care. Weight Loss management program is one of the most important steps to help people to stay health and live longer.

Healthy life style plays a very vital role in maintaining good health. In fact when your body is giving you signals about the problems most of us just ignore it. At that very time your dietitian helps you in the most important way. We don’t ask you to compromise on your social life or eat less or keep you in starvation, no nothing like that. We help you to stay fit living the best style of your living.

The team of diet clinic is focused and very motivated and encourages several of our clients to meet their Weight Loss targets and constantly remind them as to why they have joined the program so that they do not lose focus. Also every six months we reach out to our clients who have successfully completed the program just to check if they need any further guidance or support.

We proudly share that 90% of our client base is through referral from Happy clients.

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