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Though it is only a year that I have spent with Diet Clinic Health Care Pvt. Ltd. but the amount of learning I have accumulated during this year has been beyond description. During this year my experience with Diet clinic has been very enriching where I learned under the leadership of our head dietician Mrs. Sheela Seharawat who has been mentoring me for a year. Under her skill set I have been able to learn the details of various diets and its suitability to clients. Her area of focus always remains in serving the client for a better health and physique. She taught me about various diet plans and their optimistic impact on the clients,I am sure this experience will help me in serving the clients better.

In my future endeavors I would like to explore various diet plans in accordance to clients health and illness conditions, I am sure with the availability of enriched food items, around ,we can reduce the impact of illness on ones health. With customized diet plans for each client we are able to achieve the expectations, set for Diet clinic. After a year long journey with diet clinic,i can say with complete confidence that we at diet clinic,are for the clients and with the clients.

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