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I have been associated with Diet Clinic and Dietitian Sheela Seharawat for last 6 or more years. And I have always had desire to be nutritionist and dietitian in my life. It is very dignified job and very helpful in our day to day life.

I graduated from SD College Ambala Cantt (Kurukshetra University). It was my interest, hard labor and grace of God that really worked wonder as I am gold Medalist. I did my Masters in food and Nutrition at Panjab University and I again got Gold medal.

I did internship at PGI Chandigarh. During this pass of time I’ve come in contact with dietitian Sheela Seharawat and my interest further moved towards her diet Clinic and in January 2013 I Started the branch at Saharanpur.

After good clientele and their support I started another diet clinic on May 2014 at Ghaziabad. And during the same year I started another diet clinic at Dehradun 2014 with my dietitian friend Priyanka Sadana.          

It is a very nice to work and help people to gain and maintain a healthy life style.

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