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Learning is a slow process but when you see the changes on yourself then learning really makes a lot of sense and it turns into a passion. When I was with my baby I wanted to lose my weight and I experienced 8 kg weight loss in two mouths of time under Sheela Seharawat’s weight lose guidance.

Indeed, it was magical to experience your body losing weight and in fact it was at that time when I decided to help others. I needed to acquire a lot of knowledge, motivate people and most importantly to have belief that you can do this.

It took a lot of time and after two and half years of learning and constant support of Sheela Seharawat on 9th Oct 2016 I have started my diet clinic. It is like a long awaited dream to come true. 

I am very thankful to all who showed their trust in me and remained in touch with me before I started my diet clinic full-fledged.  As the days passed seeing my patients losing weight and gaining confidence really boost my confidence.

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