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I have been with diet clinic for last 2 years and this association started first with me as a client. I first came to them nearly 5 years back when I had many medical issues. I am an Engineer and due my physical condition I was finding it hard to continue doing my job. I was not just overweight but also having other physical problems; the list is really long and scaring.

I was running between my job and a diet plan. I was struggling hard to continue my diet plan which was helping me a lot but due to my job I had to discontinue it. Soon after that my complications increased. Finally I have decided to quit my job and give full attention to diet.

As I had biology and math, both in my twelfth so it was not difficult for me to understand food and nutrition and why Sheela was keeping me on a particular diet plan. Experiencing everything on my own body helped me further to study more.

In fact I always wanted to be a doctor in my life but grandfather wanted me to be an engineer. As I was good in both so I took both the subjects and secured good percentage. After twelfth it was decided at home that I will go for engineering. So, I focused fully on that and I was a ranker in engineering.

Now I am very happy that for whichever reason I have finally come back to the profession where I wanted to be and now I am overseeing the diet clinic branch at Udaipur and Ahmedabad.

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