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Diet Clinic is helping people to reduce body weight through specialized diets in a time bound mechanism. Our mentor dietician Sheela Sehrawat has developed several weight loss diet plans in her 11 year stint as an expert dietician. We customized these diet plans according to the individual needs of the clients, so that everybody must get his personal diet plan that suits to his individual specifications. Weight loss program begins with a registration form filling enquiry which allows us to understand your medical history or condition, eating habits, lifestyle and many other relevant factors which affect weight management. After a proper analyses of these factors we schedule a meeting or phone call with the client to discuss further peculiarities and to clear any doubts of the client regarding diets.

Our dieticians, after proper consultation prepare 3 to 4 days diets for the client and we monitor the body response towards the new diets induced, the response helps us to plan further diets. We work on a hit and trial method to identify the weight loss and weight gain foods for the client. It takes some initial time but it very helpful and successful in long term. We don’t suggest any medication, equipments or strenuous exercises for weight loss because our diet plans are enough to make you healthy. Combining our diets with daily half an hour walk helps better performance. Our weight loss program is simple, gradual but completely scientific as we never allow starvation.

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