Soups are best appetite enhancer and contains plethora of nutritious vitamins and essential minerals. You can take both non veg and vegetable soups as per your choice but while preparation of soups you should avoid adding any oil, ghee or butter.  For making soup delicious, you may add spices in moderation. The best time to have soups is in the evening as it satisfies the craving in evening which often drives us to take unhealthy outside food. After taking a bowl of healthy soup, you will experience an optimum appetite for the dinner. Diet Clinic is proving healthy soup recipes for taste, health and weight loss. 

MIX VEGETABLE SOUP for weight loss

This mixed vegetable soup for weight loss is so easy to make and it gets ready in almost no time. Ready-made soup mixes have a lot of preservatives and sodium, which o..... READ MORE

Black Bean Soup

Black Bean Soup


Yield: 20    Portion: 8oz



12     red onio..... READ MORE

Eight Bean Soup

Eight Bean Soup


Yield 10

Portion 8 oz



1 # assorted Beans, from following: split pea, y..... READ MORE

Red Bean Soup

Red Bean Soup

Yield 12 Portion 8 oz


1 # red beans

1 yellow bells peppers, dice

1 green bells peppers, dice..... READ MORE

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup

Serves 10

Serving size:  8 ounces

½ head celery, diced

¼ cup garlic, c..... READ MORE

Vegetable Stock


Basic guidelines for your stock are as follows:

Always use celery, carrot and onion..... READ MORE


Here's a creamy, comforting soup that beautifully showcases broccoli. It's a delicious way to eat your vegetables. —Carolyn Weinberg, Custer, Montana

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