All Berry Crepe

All Berry Crepe

Yield: 15


1 C    Blueberry

1 C    Raspberry

1 C    Blackberry

1 C    Strawberry

2 ea.  Bananas

½ C   Splenda

1 T    Vanilla extracts.

  1. Cinnamon stick

1 T    Apple juice concentrate



  1. Slice bananas and combine in a bowl with all other ingredients
  2. Tossed well and cook over medium heat until thicken
  3. Let stand and cool at room temperature


1 C    stone ground whole wheat flour

1.25 C        F/F skim milk

1 T    Apple juice concentrate

¼ C    egg white




  1. In a mixing bowl pour flour and make a well in the center
  2. Combine all other ingredients and pour into the center of the flour
  3. Use a wire whip to mix gently until smooth.
  4. In a small skillet pour small amounts of mixture (just enough to cover the bottom). When set; flip on the other side until it’s done.
  5. Place 2 Tbsp. of filling in the center of crepe and roll. Serve chilled or warm
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