Blackened Tofu

Blackened Tofu



Yield 4 Portion 4 oz


1 # Tofu

¼ t cayenne

¼ t granulated onion

¼ t granulated garlic

¼ t chili powder

¼ t cumin, ground

¼ t coriander, ground

¼ t black peppercorns, ground

1 T paprika

½ t thyme




Coat Tofu in spice.  In a hot skillet brown Tofu with no oil or water.  When Edges brown flip and cover cook until cooked though.  Time depends on the thickness of the tofu.                     




Calories      67.64 kcal   Calories from Fat 21.05 kcal

Protein       8.61   g      Carbohydrates     3.22   g

Dietary Fiber       0.63   g      Total Sugars        1.27   g

Fat    2.34   g              Saturated Fat       0.36   g

Cholesterol 0mg          Sodium      73.74 mg

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