Chickeni with cherry tomato

Chicken Breast with cherry tomato



  1. 4oz Chicken Breasts

1 tsp     Granulated Garlic

1 tsp     Granulated Onion

1 tsp     Salt Free Lemon Pepper       

½ tsp     Chili Powder

  1. Lemon (juice)

2 cups   grape/cherry tomatoes cut into halves

3 TBL    Chopped Parsley

¼ cup     vegetable stock


1.  Season chicken with garlic, onion, lemon pepper and chili powder.

2.  Sear both sides in a skillet add tomatoes, stock and lemon juice and simmer.

3.  Sprinkle parsley and serve immediately.


Good with steamed new potatoes, mashed potato, or wild rice.




Calories      173.75        kcal   Calories from Fat 15.76 kcal

Protein       28.24 g      Carbohydrates     10.93 g

Dietary Fiber       2.20   g      Total Sugars        2.81   g

Fat    1.75   g              Saturated Fat       0.44   g

Cholesterol 65.77mg     Sodium      81.94 mg


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