Healthy Navratri Tips By Dietitian

Lose Weight With Navratra Diet

Each year Hindus all over the world religiously fast for nine days twice in a year. This fasting period is recognized as Navratri Vrat by North Indians. Experts at Nutri- Health Systems researched the diet pattern followed during this period and realized that is a very effective fast weight loss diet.
Reasons for quick reduction in weight while following Navratra diet are:
1. Reduced calorie intake during the day due to limitation of food groups.
2. Wheat free plan helps in weight loss.
3. Protein limitations make the meals light, easy to digest.
4. Water retention is removed due to salt free meals.
5. Fruit intake increases fiber consumption hence detoxifying and cleansing the system.
All these facts make the diet pattern during Navratra a favourite by Dietician Sheela Sehrawat team for making you lose weight. Incase, you intend to fast this month of Navratra, it is important that you keep certain recommendations in mind:
1. Avoid eating fried food.
2. Limit your sugar intake.
3. Eat one cooked meal and the rest fruits and dairy.
4. Drink plenty of water.
5. Limit portion size.

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