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Navratri Meal Plan
Navratri is a very auspicious time of the year and is celebrated over the period of 8-9 days. During this time period, devotees observe fast from the first day to the ninth day. People eat only one meal a day and that too phalahari.

The term phalahari or falahari refers to ‘phal’ that means fruit and ‘aahar’ means diet – meaning diet that contains fruits and veggies. During fasting days, people consume falahari diet that consist of fruits, vegetables, dry nuts and some dairy products. No onion and garlic is consumed in this diet and vrat recipes are prepared with few simple ingredients.

I follow a very simple diet and refrain from consuming onion and garlic meals in Navratri. But I do understand that some families follow a very restricted diet and avoid eating few spices and veggies that are mentioned in my recipes. Please leave them out and plan your meal accordingly. 

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