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10 ways to eat healthy and lose weight in navratri fasting

First  two days of my navratri fasts were not motivating enough and I was just about to give up .The reason being eating oily and avoiding roti/chapati in navratri festival was not going to help me physically or spiritually. Also, the will power was low too but after five days of fast I have developed a strong will power and I know I can mould my body the way I want.
 I guess these were the reason why our ancestors emphasized on these spiritual things. We can only value them once we experience them. I have lost 1.5 kg of weight and I am really happy about it. Well who wouldnt be  
 Navratri fasting has helped me in weight loss but not everyone experience this because there is so much of calories which most of us end up taking while fasting.
 Two reasons why I lost weight were:-
 1. I took one meal and did not had fried allo or halwa , kheer every day.
 2. In evening I had the lightest meal. Normally I do try finishing my dinner by 8p.m but when I just had a glass of juice in dinner it automatically led to weight loss.
 What goes wrong when we fast during navratri:-
 We all eat minimum 2 kuttu ki puris which has 250 calories, ½ katori samak ki kheer (175) calories, 2 piece paneer kofta(300 calories), 1 serve allo sabji (190 calories) and 100 gm saudaana namkeen (250 calories)
 This makes a whopping 1165 calories which many of us take in one time during our navratri fast. There are some of us will surely much on potatoes chips and fries too after having above meals.
I too had kuttu ki puris, sabudaana cutlets whose recipes you can see on Wise She but the there were some quick healthy recipes which I followed. For example, instead of making allo bhaji in oil I just boiled some oil and added lots of spicy green chutney in it. I had it with 2 kuttu ki puri , and raita. So in one meal I barely took 400 calories rather than whooping 1165 calories.
 2 . Instead of having samak ki kheer I madenamkeen samak and trust me that was the best dish of this navratri. Will share the recipe with you.
Below are some navratri fasting tips which you can follow. You can easily take them as  weight loss and body detoxifying tips.
1. I eat after every 3 hours even in my fasts. Small meals at regular intervals keeps my metabolism intact.
2. I didnt get any sabudaana papad or friend food .If you have them you are surely going to munch on them. Instead of this I took  more of yogurt , smoothies and fruits etc which filled me up and maintained required fluid level in my body.
3. Make boiled allo chat with green chutney, curd and boiled allo. Add some rock salt and black pepper.
4. Replace kheer with mixed fruit curd.
5. Instead of making kuttu pakodas and puri make kuttu ki roti.
6. Those who have the patience and the energy can try making samak chalwa idli and dosa.
7. Drink milk twice a day but instead of whole milk replace it with skimmed milk. If you are making kheer then use skimmed milk only.
8. Take low calorie sweetener instead of sugar(I didn’t do this but if you want you can)
9. Drink coconut water, lemonade, whenever you feel like. If you are herbal tea fan then go ahead with that as well.
10. Instead of making potatoes bhaji all the time make pumpkin an ghia/ lauki  (bottle guard).
11. Eat veggies like pumpkin and ghia (bottle guard) in different form like soups to fill you up with a few calories.
12. Find a partner who is ready to fast with you. This helps you in maintaining a control on your guilt trip.
If you feel horribly hungry then attack on sweets or pakodas but take it in a moderate amount. 
Above tips will reduce your calories intake to a bigger amount and you are bound to reduce weight too without affecting your metabolism.

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