Rice Pudding

Sumptuous Rice Pudding


Yield: 30


1 #    Short grain brown rice

  1. cinnamon stick

½ gal F/F skim milk

2 C    Splenda

3 T    Vanilla extract

2 t     ground cinnamon

1 t     ground nutmeg

3 T    sour cream

3 C    vanilla silk soy milk

  1. bananas sliced (optional)

½ C   raisins (optional)

1 C    strawberries sliced (optional)




  1. Wash rice and cook in skim milk with cinnamon stick and Splenda until soft.
  2. Add cinnamon, nutmeg, soymilk, banana, raisin and strawberry.
  3. Let cool and fold in sour cream, Splenda and soymilk if needed.


Makes for a wonderful treat


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