Spinach Stuffed Salmon with Mango Sauce

Spinach Stuffed Salmon with Mango Sauce

Serve 4

  1. 4 oz portions salmon fillet, butterflied
  1. thin slices pineapple
  1. T chopped garlic
  1. cup oyster mushrooms
  2. T sliced shallots
  1. lb. Fresh spinach, sliced

½         t black peppercorns, ground

  1. t paprika


  1. In a small hot skillet sauté mushrooms, shallots & garlic.
  2. When garlic is light brown add spinach, cook 1 minute more and remove from heat.
  3. In the salmon, layer the pineapple and the spinach mixture. 
  4. Close salmon and dust with paprika and pepper.
  5. Lay skin side up in a hot skillet and cook over medium heat until bottom is cooked.
  6. Cover and lower heat.  Cook for 8 more minutes.

Mango Sauce


  1. Mango peeled & diced

½         cup yogurt.

1          lime juiced


1. Puree all ingredients until smooth.  Chill and serve cold.


Calories           155.15 kcal      Calories from Fat       57.09   kcal

Protein            14.92   g          Carbohydrates            11.04   g

Dietary Fiber  2.47     g          Total Sugars    5.70     g

Fat       6.34     g                      Saturated Fat  1.82     g

Cholesterol     28.66mg          Sodium           89.59   mg



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