oats uttpam

Breakfast Recipe-  Oats Uttapam


  • Oats                   - 1cup
  • Besan                 -2 tsp
  • Onion                  -½ small
  • Tomato               -1/2 small
  • Capsicum            -1/2 small
  • Beans                    2 spoon chopped
  • Carrots                 2 spoon chopped
  • Curd                     -2tsp
  • Salt                       -to taste
  • Black pepper       -to taste
  • Coriander leaves -to taste



  1. Grind oats mix it with besan add curd  and add some water in it. To become a paste
  2. Keep the mixture for half an hour.
  3. Put some chopped onion tomatoes and capsicum in it. Mix it well.
  4. Add salt , pepper, and some coriander leaves in it .
  5. Now Take a pan put a teaspoon of oil , spread the mixture on tawa to cook it until it become golden brown in colour to become an Uttapam.
  6. Eat with tomato ketchup or sambar and dal chutney



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