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Navratri: Healthy Diet Plan
The festivities of Navratri begin shortly. Along with the fun and frolic of garba, it also brings along the nine-day fasting routine. In order to maintain good health, it is imperative that you follow a healthy diet and fast in a safe manner.
Is fasting healthy? Many may wonder if going on a nine-day fast is indeed healthy for our bodies. Yes, it is an extremely healthy practice as long as you do not starve yourself. Fasting helps you cleanse and detoxify your body and mind. All you need to do is fast in the correct manner by eating small meals frequently and select healthy eating options.
Bad effects of not fasting properly:
Many people who fast also go to play garba or dandiya in the evenings. Since this requires stamina and energy, it is vital that you fast in a proper manner in order to enjoy the festivities and not strain your body's health. Some of the ill-effects of not fasting properly are:
Weakness and fatigue
Fainting due to drop in blood sugar level
Unable to sleep properly
Lack of stamina
Who should avoid fasting?
I suggest diabetics and pregnant woman avoid this fast as it can cause a drop in the blood sugar levels which is not conducive in both the cases.
How will I get my diet plan?
Your diet plan will be accessible on this website for viewing and download and will also be emailed to you.
This diet plan is specially designed for this 8 days period and can serve as a beautiful addition in the Navratri period.
How can I contact you if I have any queries or if I want to change something in the diet plan?
I will be available to take any queries you may have via phone or email between 10 am to 6 pm Mon to Fri. For urgent queries, I'll be available on the weekend too.
Have queries before you join, call 8800880715 and my team would love to assist you in any matter.
How much it costs and how to pay?
Package prices are listed below. If you are on a phone or a tab, please scroll back to the top and select 'Packages' to see the available packages and pricing details.
You can pay online using any debit/credit card, net banking or bank transfer. If you are outside India, please select Paypal during payment process.

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