what to eat in navratri fast

Shed Those Extra Pounds with this Navratri Fast!
Navratri is an auspicious festival for every Indian. Since years people keep fast during these 10 days celebrations. One can take advantage of this opportunity and attempt to shed those extra pounds during this season! Following dietary tips will help you in going for healthy way to fast and shed those extra pounds this Navratri!
Keep following top 5 principles of weight loss on cards even during FAST:
Small and frequent meals: small and frequent meals help you in maintaining your metabolism. High metabolism is recommended to lose weight. If you are fasting does not mean not to eat anything throughout the day. Plan your day and add three main meals and two small meals as per your schedule.
Drink lot of water: Fasting can be taken as a Detox diet day.  Drink lot of water to flush out all the impurities and toxins from the body. One can even go for lemon water, coconut water which aid Detoxification.  Every individual must consume 2-3 liters water every day.
Mind about carbohydrates and proteins:  carbs and proteins are main nutrients in our food. Go for healthy high fiber carbs which are allowed for fast eg- sweet potato, yam, varai rice etc. Good sources of proteins are low fat milk and milk products.  Remember sago, potato are empty calories they will contribute in weight gain. (Although you are fasting, these things can lead to weight gain).
Fresh Fruits and vegetables: As per USDA food plate one must include fresh fruits in every meal.  As per expert’s recommendation, go for 4 to 6 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables during the day.  Vegetables such as pumpkin, gourds, sweet potato, cucumber etc are healthy options.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are best option to control your calorie intake.
Light dinner: there well known saying that ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like  a prince and dinner like a butler.’ This really works in today’s time.  It is seen commonly that during fast we end up eating heavy food which includes fried foods, sweets etc. This will vanish your whole day’s effort of fasting. End the day with light food.
Plying these common principles will help you in achieving your goal this festive season. It is your health and you need to take a step towards good health. You can Ask a Doctor about your health related queries at Just for Hearts.

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