Our blog contains professional advices and latest tips from our team of dieticians regarding health and wellness. We have developed these tips and information on the basis of extensive research and with the help of our 11 years long experience of counseling obesity patients. All of these tips are tested and tried before we exhibit to you. So keep reading and stay fit by healthy follow up of these advices.


Simple diet plan to cut down excess fat intake

Today, our hectic lifestyle has made it difficult for most of us to maintain a healthy food habit. At the same time, the problem of losing weight has become one of the most common problems for lots of people in all over the word. It has seen that most of people opt t..... READ MORE

Cholesterol lowering diet to lower cholesterol fast

High cholesterol level is harmful for our health especially for heart health. Cholesterol is a kind of fat that builds cell walls in our body. It formed in the body itself but it requires in small quantity. Excess amount of cholesterol leads to blockages in arteries ..... READ MORE

Diet tips for teenage girls

If, you hate the word diet as this word drew the images of boiled cabbages, strand of carrots then, you should know that the word diet does not means to starvation. It is just about that food you eat. The food you eat and the way of eating have direct impact on you. ..... READ MORE

Use olive oil for healthy heart

Today’s hectic lifestyle, inappropriate diet and improper rest are affecting the human body in an adverse way. The human body functions properly when blood is pumped to every part of the body without any sort of problem. For this, having a healthy heart is very..... READ MORE

Health benefits of tomatoes

It is very known that tomatoes are low in calories and a rich source of vitamin C. That is not all there are many other health benefits that make tomatoes an excellent choice for good health. Let’s take a look at their benefits. Red, raw tomatoes are an excelle..... READ MORE

How to keep your heart healthy

In the present scenario, we all are living a hectic life. We have no time to pay attention over our diet and health. Due to this, we all are facing many kinds of health-associated problems. Heart diseases have also become very common in both kinds of genders especial..... READ MORE

Tips for Reducing High Cholesterol

Heart diseases have become very common among people in all over the world. Almost every second person is facing heart related disease. In order to avoid heart related problems it is very important to follow a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. Increased cholesterol ..... READ MORE

Diet Clinic Blog

This contains the latest tips and professional advice from dieticians of Diet Clinic, providing useful health & wellness related information. These tips for effective weight loss are developed after extensive research conducted on the related topic, these tips ar..... READ MORE



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