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Daily Post Ludhiana is one of the leading newspapers of these days. Dietician Sheela Sehrawat is a regular writer for this news paper.  A special emphasis is placed over a particular health related topic every week and case based information is provided. The information provided is very useful and helpful for the readers who want to know about weight loss and weight control. We also provide question and answer session for better understanding of health and fitness. 

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Fitness ensures perfect health keeping one energetic

Keeping it real

I believe in working hard. I am very regular about my daily exercise. In morning , I go for 30 minutes exercise and then in evening 30 minutes walk my prescribed diet makes me live better and energetic for whole day . My mot..... READ MORE

Fitness should ought to be made as habit

Fitness should ought to be made as habit

Fitness should ought to be made as habit

Keeping it real

For me , my fitness matters a lot . After conceiving , I have put on weight , so , I prefer taking diet and I am very much satisfied with the diet prescrib..... READ MORE

weight loss healthy diets

Fitness is not a destination its a way of life

Fitness is not a destination,  it‘s a way of life

Only diet cannot help you inreducing the weight in fact exercise and full deter mination to word it can help you in reducing your extra kilos believe the gool of staying fit can w..... READ MORE

All you need to be active is good diet and workout

All you need to be active is good diet and workout

Keeping it real

Without bothering too much about the healthy and fitness no one can stay fit.  It is really must to go for perfect diet as well as exercise too plays a vital role in making person fit and smart . Skip ping meal and die..... READ MORE

Staying fit the best habit

Staying fit the best habit

Keeping it Real

For me , my diet plays a major role in making me stay healthy and fit . but along with my diet I go for regular walk in morning and evening . I never believe in listening but always believe in doing the things . and here are..... READ MORE

 Healthy  mind resides in a healthy body

Healthy mind resides in a healthy body

Keeping it real

No doubt , I am a very big foodie but now, I eat according to the diet prescribed to me which includes all type of food according to my taste so I don’t miss which includes all type of food according to my taste so I ..... READ MORE

Your body needs your attention at its utmost

Your body needs your attention at its utmost

Keeping it real

I really love enjoying my diet . I never felt that I am on dieting . Even the diet prescribed to me was very healthy and I am a person who loves and special diet for my outing was there which I never feels that it can be a ..... READ MORE

Fitness is the mantra to stay lively forever

Fitness is the mantra to stay lively forever

Fitness is the mantra to stay lively forever

Staying fit and working hand can only be possible if one possesses the enthusiasm to the workout for gaining something in terms of fitness and ability to work more .

Following a strict..... READ MORE

Staying healthy should be our first priority, weight loss clinic in ludhiana

eat healthy live healthy

Keeping itreal

I always believe in doing rather than saying. So, I took the diet and never felt that I am restricted with this eating habit . Rather my diet was so good that everything what I like was included in it.

My Di..... READ MORE

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Stay fit stay gorgeous

Keeping it real The secret of my fitness lies in the diet which I intake. I have made it a habit to have amla juice early morning that too in empty stomach as it is very good to clear all intoxicants. Even more I regularly go for walk, at least for one hour. So secre..... READ MORE

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Be diet conscious Look Fit

Fitness is not the destination but a way to have a cheerful life. Being fit is apart of my wardrobe. I cannot afford to look bulky . I believe in having a body which gives me a pleasent look. I aim for a good body where I do not get tired of doing my daily core. So h..... READ MORE

Exercise is must to stay fit

Workout, Eat well, Be Patient, you body will definitely reward you. Fitness is basically like marriage, you cant cheat on it if you want it to work for your benefit. One should have a healthy body to look pleasing. A fit healthy body is the best fashion statement one..... READ MORE

A healthy outside starts From the Inside

If diet is wrong, medicine is of no use and if diet is correct than medicine is of no need. A fit body requires regular exercise but to the more having a good diet is very important Diet is some thing which should have a11 nutrients and fol1owing. When it comes to fi..... READ MORE

Keep Calm and Diet On

I do not live to eat but yes I eat to live. Having food is good but having healthy diet is best. So I prefer the diet given by my diet adviser. To the more I am a member of Girls Persuaders Club so I regularly go for cycling so as to maintain myself. I don't say ..... READ MORE

fitness a part of lifestyle

I am a vegetarian and love what 1 eat. But I make sure that I work off the extra calories. 1 have a zest for life and I want to live to the fullest. 1 am fondofghee and milk and have panjiri in the winters. 1 am a complete foodie, but keep the quantity of what I eat ..... READ MORE

I am not skinny but healthy

I just follow a diet given by my diet advisory. Moreover, for me my health lies in my first priority so I following a fixed schedule. According to me, having a balanced diet makes one look perfect. Your body is your appearance in the Society. Basically, first impress..... READ MORE

Fitness is all about Routine

While i was taking care of the kids all the time i was not able to give myself enough time. However, they have now started going to school and i have time for myself. I make sure that i follow what i need to do in order to bring my body fit. WHAT'S THE SECRET? I ..... READ MORE

Being Fit Feels Great

Not everyone blessed with a stellar metabolism. I have to really work at keeping the weight at bay and now that I have lost so much weight i know how good it feels and that need to feel good gets me out of my busy schedule and into the gym every day• Keep a stea..... READ MORE

sweet tooth by eating fruits

25-year-old Supriya Virrnani loves chocolates, But she knows that she's got to keep a watch on her diet, So, if she eats some chocolate today, she knows that tomorrow she has to Cut down her sugar intake during the day. I love sweet things, and I know that there ..... READ MORE

looking good and feeling it

Healthy food and some exercise a day, keeps the doctor away. Those who abide by this golden rule, reap the benefits in the form of not just keeping disease free, but also managing to look ravishing. For 33-year-old Shelly Malhotra who lives in Ghumar Mandi staying he..... READ MORE

A New Life

A new life 40 year old Harneet Uppal says that after losing 25 kgs g feels on top of the world. This banker from BRS Nagar says that it has been six months that he has been following a strict diet and has been exercising too. Healthy food and some exercise a day, kee..... READ MORE

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