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Today Dainik Bhaskar is one of the leading news papers of the nation. Diet clinic’s chief mentor dietician Sheela Sehrawat is on the expert panel of the DB star. The celebrity dietician regularly addresses the issues of the people regarding health and fitness, and she gives pragmatic solutions for them. These conversations are very helpful for the readers, so that they may know more about diets, healthy living and fitness management. The tips given by her are not only helpful in weight loss but also helpful in hair and skin toning. So keep reading the news articles in DB star for knowing more about health and staying fit. 

Sakahar se Paye Sehatmand Sarir

A healthy vegetarian diet is the best solution for different kinds of health issues like high cholesterol, heart diseases, diabetes, and also for weight loss or obesity. With the help of moderate consumption of high protein vegetarian diet, you can lose your weight i..... READ MORE

Diet Control Se Sudhar Jayegi Sehat

In the present, numerous people are in front of health-associated problems just because of their uncontrolled diet. Uncontrolled diet means either they are not taking the right amount of food in their diet or they are grabbing excess then their requirements. Both kin..... READ MORE

Wazan Kam karne ke liye sabji khaye

Vegetables are good source of different kinds of nutrients and to keep body healthy it is necessary to include different kinds of vegetables in daily diet. Vegetables not only nutritious but also helpful in weight loss since, our body requires to burn more calories t..... READ MORE

Har Mausam me falo se milega fayda

Having lots of fruits in daily diet is very helpful in maintaining good health since, they are natural source to get all kind of minerals, enzymes, vitamins and the best thing is that they are easily digestible. Fruits are not just a good source of food but also help..... READ MORE

Diabetes Diabetes Delhi

Diabetes me naste ka dhyan rakhe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and having a healthy breakfast is very important for all especially for diabetic people. It is because, a healthy breakfast helps in stabilizing blood sugar and help to go throughout the without having any problem. Acco..... READ MORE

Naste se bana rahta hai energy level

It has become very usual to skip breakfast because of the pretty busy morning routines. Getting up and reach to the school or work place on time is the only aim and no one has time to stop to have a healthy breakfast. Having healthy breakfast is very important to los..... READ MORE

Low fat milk se milega fayda

Milk is one of the most important and nourishing foods out there. It is utilized in many food recipes and drinks. But, the only drawback of food is for obese people who are trying to lose weight since milk contains a high amount of fat and according to the mentor of ..... READ MORE

Ek sath nahi tukdo-tukdo mein kahin

Our dieting and metabolism are interconnected processes. If any one of them does not function properly the other will automatically disturbed. Generally, people who want to lose their weight in a swift way tend to starve themselves from food without understanding the..... READ MORE

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