Healthy mind resides in a healthy body

 Healthy  mind resides in a healthy body
Keeping it real

No doubt , I am a very big foodie but now, I eat according to the diet prescribed to me which includes all type of food according to my taste so I don’t miss which includes all type of food according to my taste so I din’t miss anything to eat  . For me , diet is a mantra of keeping my body fit with a charm on my face . I enjoy food without gaining weight as now I am a diet conscious person . Hard work is the key to success and my family especially my husband is really very supportive  in making me fit and enable me to focus on my diet plan .


Diet  Plan

 In morning , I start my day with drinking I or 2 glasses of water and to have a good digestion I take geen tea everyday .

I avoid having sweets as it can increase my calories . I love to have all seasonal  vegetables , pulses , curd and salad with my meal as it is must as it contains all fiber and nutritional value . with this I have reduced 10kg in 5 months .


Healthy  mind resides in a healthy body

Beauty lies in the diet and if the diet is not proper the one will not look good . Ageing will attack you soon . So , diet plays a crucial role to look good and to stay healthy a safe and nutritionally adequate diet is a basic individual development . having a good diet and following a diet plan is a must to stay fit says Ankita Sahni  (32) who is a housewife .


Rahul Sahni ( Husband )

Ankita is very conscious about her diet . she never eats food and sweets . Earlier , she was very fond of chocolates  but family , she is very maintained

Himanshi  Khanna ( Niece )

My sister was obese but her control over everything and encouragement to her from all got her to get slim worked wonders . She is really hardworking as Well. 

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