A good diet plan can control high uric acid

A good diet plan can control high uric acid

“Your diet is your smart answer to your high uric acid” says dietitian Sheela Seherawat. It is a byproduct of breakdown of cells and foods you eat. Your kidney takes the responsibility to keep on removing it from the body through urine. It is good to have it in our body as you have no alternative but the moment it remains in the body for too long it can create acute pain.

“Such problem is increasing due to irregular lifestyle and careless food habits. It is also a metabolism illness,” says dietitian Sheela. If your life style, sleeping routine, working hours, eating timing, stress level and such factors change then your body will certainly show its discomforts and cause problems.  

Our body is always at risk of diseases and it is very important to take good care of it and monitor your intake so you can stay healthy for long. The intake of food provides the energy and other important things to the body through which body repairs its cells and tissue.

During this process, some waste also comes in our body and that waste gets filtered very naturally by our kidney. This is a very simple natural process but it gets affected and the level of uric acid suddenly starts to increase in our body. This sudden change can also happen due to some drugs and diseases. 

Some diuretic drugs can also increase the uric acid. Aspirin can increase or decrease the uric acid in blood depending on the doses. Alcohol plays an important role in increasing the uric acid as it slows down the removal of uric acid. Also fasting, rapid weight loss, stress and vigorous exercise increase the uric acid levels. 

“It is a common mistake to think that if uric acid has increased that means you have gout. No it is not like that.” Says dietitian Sheela Seherawat. She claims that she has many patients whose uric acid is high but they are not having gout and she also says that with proper diet plan and nutrition she can help the patient soon. 

Surjeet Singh 65, says: My friend’s daughter-in-law is a doctor and as she came home she took blood test of everyone including me. It was nothing but a normal checkup and report came on the website. There I came to know that the levels of my uric acid are higher. Good thing is that there was no gout. She suggested me to look for a dietitian. Gradually I came to Sheela. It is good relief that she allows a small amount of non- veg once in a week. I am taking her advice and I have lost nearly 8 kg in last 7to 8 months.   

“It is very important to keep a regular test of your uric acid because there are no symptoms of its increase and so it can remain unnoticed for many years which then results in gout. Uric acid forms crystals which gather on several parts of the body. Then suddenly the patient can have acute pain, extreme redness and swelling. This condition can be avoided by diet.” Says dietitian Sheela Seherawat.

Anuj Mathor50, says: Gout gives the worst kind of pain and it made me promise that I will never touch any glass of alcohol. I am under dietary guidance of Sheela and luckily I lost a lot of weight - around 10 kg in a year. I can say I am now normal and my uric acid is normal. I drink a good amount of water and try to keep myself hydrated as much as possible. Very rarely I eat any non veg and I try to eat seasonal fruit and juice.   

“It is very important to avoid alcohol and high purine food as they further increase the uric acid level,” says dietitian Sheela Seherawat. Study says that alcohol contains 7 calories per gram and so drinking too much alcohol can lead to weight gain. Obesity is considered as the primary reason for high uric acid and gout. They support strongly the situation that helps uric acids to go up. It is the same like diabetes; here also the insulin resistance actually creates problem and uric acid patient finds problem in flushing out the uric acid from the urine. 

In fact it is not good to allow fats to get deposited on your body. There is a condition known as “metabolic syndrome” which is nothing but a cluster of symptoms which constitutes a favorable situation for uric acid to go higher. When you have obesity, you will soon have insulin resistance, high blood pressure and abnormal blood fats (lipids) for example high cholesterol and they crop troubles in your blood flow and that means you will have soon a sick body. It is better to slowly lose weight and control all these.     

Sameer Choudhary, 44, says: when I got my uric acid high and the situation finally got to gout, indeed my doctor helped me with medicine but I needed a permanent freedom as I wanted to forget that I have bitterly cried in pain due to gout. I promised myself I will reduced my weight and leave alcohol and hardly take red meat. But coming into dietary help with Sheela Seherawat I really feel safe. She suggested me one lime a day in hot water, which really helped me. Her suggestion to eat 10-15 fresh cherries, strawberries, blueberries really decreased my uric acid levels. It is really good that she does not force you to stop eating everything and in the last year I have lost nearly 9 kg weight which is really fine for me.  

“Nature has given us everything. Knowing the best things for a disease is very important” says dietitian Sheela Seherawat. “It is true that I understand my patients first and then I decide the diet plan accordingly. When you have high uric acid it is a challenge to go for the right diet for an individual as each person digests and eliminates foods differently. It requires a lot of experimenting. In general, it is important to avoid or reduce the intake of high purine foods. It is important to reduce weight and drink a lot of water.”

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