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“Infertility is one of the biggest concerns of our today’s living and PCOD is one of the biggest challenges for female” Says dietitian Sheela Seharawat.

This disease can affect a girl at a tender age of eleven. Sadly, the problem comes into notice after the marriage but there is cure and it requires a lot of focus, precaution and healthy diet and healthy living. Nearly 10% of Indian women are suffering from this disease.    

PCOD is actually a condition where a woman faces irregular period, pain, acne, excessive hair growth and problem in conceiving. It can be easily understood as: woman has imbalance in her sex hormones.

  Androgen is basically a male hormone, indeed it is found in females too but when ovaries start to make more androgens than normal then these hormones affect the development and release of eggs during ovulation. 

Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease, in short called PCOD and it is also called Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome in Short PCOS. 

It is one of the most dangerous diseases and it is only because mostly females are shy in saying their problems in their families; let alone others. As it can happen to any young girl who comes to a reproductive age so it is also hard to notice that girls have PCOD.

Another big problem with young aged girls is that her other hormones are also active and helping in changing the body, so it is not easy to detect. At home people mostly consider it a normal condition but sometimes small negligence can lead to fatal results. 

Careful and caution parents or the patient herself notice the changes and fix up her appointment with her doctor as she finds her periods are not regular and other symptoms are indicating problems. 

Your gynecologist asks for tests like Ultra sound, blood test etc. Actually she asks for tests during the starting periods of your menstrual cycle.

“Mostly gynecologists refer patients to dietitians as diet and healthy lifestyle helps a lot in improving the situation. Shockingly there is around 40% of my patients who daily walk into my diet clinic and suffer from PCOD,” says dietitian Sheela. 

This disease has long term risks such as type 2 diabetes, heart, blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression and mood swings. 

“For patient suffering from PCOD is very important to reduce weight and regulate insulin level. Finding the right diet for such patient is difficult and diet varies from individual to individual.  Low Glycemic Index foods help in dealing with this disordered disease.” says Dietitian Sheela. 

“As a dietitian I have to know everything about my patient: like her life style and current diet. I need to know her body measurements to know her BMI. She can be overweight, underweight or carrying excess weight around the middle. These things help in making a tailored effective nutritional diet plan for her. It is also important to record everything including your menstrual cycle and moods,” says dietitian Sheela.    

It is hard to say why PCOD happens in the body but it largely depends on excess junk food intake. This modern fast food culture is causing all such problem in our life. We are attending late night party or working in late night shift and fully depending on outside food which is mostly junk food. Such food habits and irregular life style may be increasing the chances of getting this disease. 

Good news is that it is a fully curable disease. 

It is very important to know the symptoms and as you feel any changes immediately meet your doctor. The main symptoms are: Infrequent, absent, or irregular menstrual periods, increased hair growth on the face, chest, stomach, back, thumbs, or toes, acne, oily skin, dandruff, weight gain or obesity, usually with extra weight around the waist, male-pattern baldness or thinning hair, patches of skin on the neck, arms, breasts, or thighs that are thick and dark brown or black, pelvic pain, anxiety or depression, and the most dangerous that breathing stops for a short while asleep. 

As you find these symptoms meet your doctor and get it under control at an earlier age to help reduce your chances of having complications like diabetes and heart disease. It is important to get treatment for all of your symptoms, rather than focusing on just one aspect of your PCOS, such as problems getting pregnant. Also, talk to your doctor about getting tested for diabetes regularly. It is very important to eat right, exercise and stop smoking. 

“Smoking habit is one of the most dangerous habits that must be checked. Things start just to show off but it leads to fatal result both in man and woman.” Says dietitian Sheela.

We have one life and our health has to be our first priority. PCOD really affects many systems of the body. Even at the time of menopause a woman can face this problem and the symptoms like excessive hair growth, and male-pattern baldness or thinning hair can show. Also, the risk of health problems from PCOS such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes increases as a woman gets older.

Recent studies have found that women with PCOD can have life threatening diseases such as:

Before the age of 40, more than 50% patient can have diabetes. Risk of heart attack is 4 to 7% higher than the women without PCOD. Risk of getting high blood pressure is very high.  They can have imbalance between their good and bad levels of cholesterol. They can develop sleeping apnea which is also dangerous. They can suffer from depression and anxiety. 

This set of things is enough to disturb the normal life of any women and her family. It is very important to live healthy and live with proper routine check. 

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