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“I often suggest everyone to cook and eat at home,” says Sheela Sherawat. It is one of the big steps to correct your life and free yourself from disease for longer. Take for example any modern-day disease and you will find at its roots that it is due to your stress, irregular lifestyle, oily and junk food.

“As I have said earlier sedentary life style is a very dangerous so physical activity actually leads to normal lifestyle and normal healthy life. The more advanced the country is the worse will be the statistic of such disease.” Says dietitian Sheela. Worst part is that we still do not known how such diseases like PCOD happen in our body. Researchers everywhere are struggling and trying to find its cure. So better be safe.

Nearly 40% of female clients are facing the challenges of this disease. It is very important to understand that PCOD is an endocrine disorder disease. It is directly connected with our blood so it can disrupt many things.

“Long back a girl around 24 or so came to me and her case really needed more attention than others as she was married and her husband was not getting her problems and there was no third person at home to speak in between the couple. She was nervous and she was trying hard to open up with her home affair chaos. Gradually she started talking. I needed to explain her several things as she was panicking about her complications and fertility.”    

“I allowed her to ask me whatever she wanted to know. Normally people don’t know much about the body. Doctor mostly tells you about the disease based on some test, reports and then refers you to dietitian; particularly with PCOD patients.”

“I needed to tell her about the endocrine system. I told her it is all about our glands. These glands make and release several hormones that control many functions. There is a gland known as adrenal which controls stress, immune system, inflammation and produces androgens. Androgens are male hormones that control male characteristics such as facial hair, deeper voice and other things which ultimately are the symptoms of the PCOD disease.”

The term PCOD is an acronym, where for P stands for Poly. Poly means more than one. Polycystic means more Cysts. Ovaries mean a place where female’s eggs are produced. It means PCOD. It is a disease starting at the level of ovaries. It involves sex hormones and so it affects the reproduction process. It not just stops the process of conceiving but it carries the risk of bigger diseases like heart and diabetes. 

All women have their menstrual cycle once in a month. In case of PCOD, this process gets disrupted. Normally eggs move from the ovaries to uterus. These eggs develop inside the ovary as tiny swellings called follicles. From here these matured eggs normally go to uterus for fertilization but due to PCOD these follicles grow in large number and swell inside the ovary to an extent of 2 –9 mm size. Good thing is that they are not cancerous but they soon start to cause hormonal imbalance. That creates a big issue.  

“She was seeing her reports as she was improving. These sizes were decreasing.

“This girl was asking me too many questions and explaining all to her is not good but she is an educated girl and she should learn all this.

“Her questions were: why her mood swings? Why does she fail to be herself? Her reactions surprised her friends and relatives. She fails to adjust with her husband too, worst she found she has no desire to neck with her husband. It was really spoiling her domestic front. Her stress levels were increasing and she was in constant struggle as her body hairs were growing dark too.

“I needed to tell her that it is normal and in fact these are the symptoms of PCOD. As her PCOD symptoms come under control soon she will find everything will be normal, with her husband too, nothing to worry.

“It was really good that she decided to go for the treatment by diet as there are other methods as well. She was standing before me. She wanted to correct the imbalanced state of her life with diet and lifestyle moderation. This is one of the best and long-lasting methods of treatment.”  Says dietician Sheela.

It is very important to lose weight and keep up a healthy lifestyle. It is important to know how much nutrition one needs and which diet can offer that level of nutrition. All of that really requires a professional dietitian guideline and attention.

“These patients have a strong craving for sugar and this can lead to high level of glucose in blood. It is utmost important to control your sugar level, I suggested her.”  Says Sheela.

There are many vitamins and minerals that help to control PCOD. Chromium is a very important mineral that helps in controlling your high sugar level. It really helps you in dealing with PCOD. It helps in lowering the blood sugar level. Researcher says that the insulin resistance conditions increase due to deficiency of chromium. 

Magnesium is another mineral that helps PCOD patients. It is also found that there is a link between magnesium and insulin resistance. “If your blood level is getting normal soon your body will certainly response better and you will feel good.” says dietitian Sheela.

Zinc is another mineral that can help to correct PCOD disease.  As we know due to a deficiency of zinc we miss to taste right that means we crave to eat spicier, saltier and probably more fattening food. Zinc is essential in helping your hormones to act appropriately, and in balancing sugar levels.

It is found after research that Omega 3 fatty acids which are found in large amount in fish oil and flax-seed oil also help in curing PCOD. PCOD is also associated with unhealthy blood cholesterol ratios. Research shows that the omega-3 fatty acids are very good in controlling and reducing cardiovascular risk markers such as bad cholesterol.

Further we have some vitamins which are very essential in dealing with PCOD. It is found that vitamin B complex is essential in converting food into energy; they regulate fat metabolism and blood sugar levels.  B2, B3 and B6 are also important in hormone regulation.

“Her diet plan was helping her. She could feel better. Her stress level and mood swing problems were under control now.” Says Sheela.

“It is not easy to find the right diet plan for PCOD patient. It takes time. This patient was gradually winning over the conditions. She was with me for almost a year and we were constantly talking and I was happy that she was improving.

“I am happy to say that she is now mother of two beautiful babies. Her life has changed. She is happy. Her family is happy.

“Please be safe and have normal routine life. It is important for you and your family. Researches have not yet found what causes this disease but it is found that it runs in the family tree.  Better be safe than suffer.”

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