Enjoy Summer with sharbat

Enjoy Summer with sharbat
Enjoy Summer with sharbat

Summer is a beautiful season to be able to watch the world change in a beautiful way. It is a time when sky is full of bright light . Days are long and sun rays are scorching and hot and heat is experienced every- where . At such a lovely time, mind is full of thoughts for the lovely , Colorful healthy drinks.

As we Know india is a country of hot seasons and temperature shoots up to horrifying limits so body certainly need thrill of exciting drinks ( which we call sharbat ) . No wonder, these drinks do not just quench your thrust but also give your body an amply amount of health benefits .

These drinks are easy to make, very centuating to eyes and lovely to drink . many Indian Households keep sarabat squash at home as generally it is home made . These are summer drinks Which mainly contain ingredients that body and cool the body from the summer heat.

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