Give time to your Weight loss after pregnancy

“Every woman reacts to pregnancy differently as their body is different.”  Says dietitian Sheela Seharawat. It is really not possible to suggest a diet that can fit all. Your pre and post pregnancy weight plays a very vital role in understanding your body and its daily needs.

Whether one was slim and during the time of pregnancy put on a lot of weight or she was overweight and gained further weight or she was underweight - all this really matters. But it is very important to put off weight very gradually. Having too much weight is not a healthy sign. 

Most women read in magazines that film star was pregnant and very soon she lost her weight and fit back into her old jean. It is not so simple nor do I ever recommend to anyone to show such hurry.

You have put on weight in nine months and now you are feeding your baby who is fully dependent on your milk so it is very important to show patience for the first three months at least and then slowly start your weight loss diet plan and be sure that you will lose your weight as per the guidance of your dietitian and diet plan. Give it some time - at least the same amount of time to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight.     

It is very important to cut the bad fats from your diet. The best fats are mono- and poly unsaturated fats, which are found in canola oil, olive oil, avocado, olives, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish like salmon. 

There are fats and oils that you need to avoid such as saturated and trans fats, which are dangerous as it can lead to heart disease and perhaps diabetes, and it can be transferred to breast milk, too.

Saturated fats are found in meats and dairy products, trans fats are also typically found in many fried foods, snack foods, and baked goods.

As you may have also heard about or remember the pesticides present in our day to day foods so it is very important to get yourself away from those contaminated foods as it can directly affect your breasts milk and health of the baby.

There are some foods that take time to digest so they too must be avoided as they can lead to indigestion or constipation in the baby. 

Shreya Raina says: “I went in a family way just after one year of my marriage and as my trimester started that news came to my husband too and then his all attention was on my rich diet. You know, from the beginning I was a little plump. So for marriage I had worked out and I had the diet plan experience so I had a fear that I would gain again a lot of weight if I eat. But if your refrigerator is full of foods and everyone is asking you to eat then it is natural to gain weight. In 9 months I put on nearly 16 -17 kg. Our daughter was born healthy and we were happy but my happiness didn’t last long as my husband started nagging me to lose weight, to put off all the extra weight around my belly. I can say now that a husband will agree to make his wife chubby so as to have a healthy baby. At that time he will never think about her figure but as all this is done he wants his wife to be back at her pre- pregnancy weight.” 

“Indeed it is the struggle between many of the couples after the pregnancy. But it is very important to live stress free. Many women face the stress for their right figure. No diet plan will help you until you stop and come out of your stress and live a healthy life.  It is very important to live without your stress as stress hormone helps to make you fat.” Says dietitian Sheela Seharawat.

It is very important to follow your diet plan and eat a variety of food to maintain your energy level. It is also seen that many women lose weight very naturally as they are eating only when they are hungry. It is also important not to dip below your 1800 calories intake per day while you are breasts feeding. 

Sangeeta Sen says: “The idea to have a baby is good only if you have someone to look after you at home, otherwise it is not easy. I am a working woman and it is not easy to manage everything. When you know a baby is growing in you and you need to take care of yourself more and at the same time you have office work load plus your kitchen and home then all seems as a nightmare. During my pregnancy all my food tasted the same. My doctor had asked me to stay home rather than go to work where there is too much stress, as it was a little risky for me. I needed injections of some vitamins and iron or something like that. I needed to eat all the time as I felt I was hungry and if food doesn’t come soon I could go mad in anger. Indeed I had become bulky and soon after the delivery I was looking for a diet plan. It took me nearly one and a half years to get back in my shape.”

“It is very important to note that you need to return back to your normal routine life when you are starting your diet plan.” Says dietitian Sheela Seherawat.  A walk in the evening or in the morning can help you a lot. You can take your baby in a stroller and can walk a little; let’s say about 15 to 20 minutes.  It can help you to strengthen your muscles and help you with sleep issue, in depression and also in maintaining stress level.  

When you have a baby then you have to wake up and sleep with your baby’s sleep and it is very natural that you are not getting the proper eight hour sleep and in that case again it is not easy to lose weight. When you are tired or facing sleep deprivation then the levels of your body stress hormones like cortisol that gives weight gain raise so it is very important to sleep well.

It is also very important to take help from your dietitian as your body and through you your baby needs nutrition. Your body requires fats, proteins, carbohydrate and other essential nutrients. Meat, Fish, eggs, beans, milk, milk products, grains, seeds, nuts, are rich source of protein. Breads, cereal grains, pasta, rice, fruit, starchy vegetables, milk, sugar etc. are the rich source of carbohydrates that give the energy needed by the brain, nervous system and red blood cells.

If you are really looking for a weight loss then get in touch with your dietitian as they can design an eating plan that will let you lose weight safely and effectively. 

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