High uric acid is treatable

“Our body creates acids normally and that is mostly due to natural breakdown of our food,” says dietitian Sheela. Uric acid is one of those kinds of acids which is present in our body and runs in our blood but the moment it gets increased or decreased we face ailment in our body. 

Hyperuricemia is known as a condition when blood has higher amount of uric acid than normally and it happens due to overproduction of uric acid in the body or when kidney fails to remove the excess of uric acid or both. 

It come out in the form of excreta like urine or stool. A large portion of uric acid comes with urine however in a small quantity with stool.   

Till date we do not know why and how our body starts producing more of uric acid or why our kidney fails to remove the entire increased amount of uric acid in order to maintain the balance in our body. But as the percentage of uric acid increases it creates pain in our joint. It starts to get stored in the forms of crystal between the bone of the joint and it causes inflammation, unbearable pain and our body gets a higher chance of suffering from gout, arthritis. And if it is not treated then you can affect heart and can be the reason for heart attack and stock. 

Further researches are required and there are a few running in this field to understand the reasons of the uric acid. By now we have come to know that some foods increase uric acid in our body, some treatments of disease and genetic inborn errors affect the urine metabolism. Chemotherapy is one of the much known treatments that causes the increased production of uric acid. Chronic renal disease, acidosis, toxemia of pregnancy and alcoholism also reduce the urination and excretion. 

Getting stone in kidney is one of the worst effects of uric acid. It creates stone in kidney which can either be taken out by operation or you can force it to pass in urine with some medication. The pain is really abhorring and bizarre.  

As it is detected, patients are asked to stop eating several foods that help in stone formation like calcium, iron etc. Patients are asked to drink more water so they can piss every now and then and uric acid goes away with urine. But sometimes uric acid makes stone in the kidney and the abdominal pain is excruciating and urination becomes very painful.  

“It is very important to keep the patient hydrated and they must drink more water and liquid so they have regular urination,” says dietitian Sheela. “And the biggest challenge for a dietitian is to make the patient reduce their weight. Losing weight is not easy as patients are not given protein diet,” Sheela added further. 

There is perfect measurement of Uric acid in the blood: 

•    In Men 3.5 to 7.0 mg/dl 
•    Women 2.5 to 5.7 mg/dl.

We can generally see that people suffer from the high uric acid in blood however there have been some cases where patients have suffered from the low uric acid too. But it is rare. It can happen due to any kind of problem with liver or kidney disease. 

High uric acid can be found in urine as well as in blood. It is also risky, not good. It means patient can have gout, multiple myeloma, metastatic cancer and leukemia. It happens as the patient is having diet rich in purines.

“Purines is the most difficult and most important chapter for understanding the uric acid and the measures of its cure by diet.” Says Sheela. It is the building block of our DNA and it is the substance that is broken down to form uric acid and which increases the risk of getting gout. 

New researchers have found that it is very important for our health. It directly plays an important role in our cardiovascular system and digestive system (that includes mouth, stomach and intestine). Research has showed us that it has direct connects with our cells and blood and its flow and oxygen delivery. Needless to say that researchers have also found how it signals and impacts our blood flow, heart functions, inflammatory responses, experience of pain, digestive function and the adsorption of nutrients within our body. 

It is also found that purine is naturally present in our foods.  Percentage can differ from very high to low but it is there in our daily food. It is high in organ meat like liver and kidney and meat including beef, bacon and lamb. It is also present in fish and seafood. These foods are either not at all allowed or allowed at the dietitian’s approval for the gout patients. 

“10% of our clients have high uric acid and they are mostly men,” says dietitian Sheela. She further added that we can find higher uric acid in male patient and mostly around 45 years old or more. 

The most affected joints are: Ankle joint, Knee joint, Wrist joint, Elbow joint, Finger joints. Its inflammation can go for 2-3 weeks and x-ray reports can show that the soft tissue is swelling. 

It is very important to change your lifestyle and diet in order to control this. Purine free diet can help in recovery. She further said: “It is not necessary that patients with high uric acid always have gout. I have treated several patients who do not have gout but have high uric acid.” The treatment is not very difficult. Recent researches have shown that intake of vitamin C reduces the chance of getting gout.

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