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“Having a baby or becoming a mother is the wonderful emotion which is really hard to express in word.” Says Sheela Seharawat. When a baby is born everyone is happy and this happiness is only given by the mother who took the baby for 9 months in her womb so she knows the best how wonderful it is to feel the baby in her hand. 

“Being a woman is a great thing but becoming a mother is like a reaching a height which you always crave to reach.” Says Sheela Seharawat.  You know right from the beginning that mother – child relationship is the strongest one and now you are experiencing it. This relation really makes a great change in a woman, emotionally as well as physically. This relationship is like your own creation and you are the creator and every moment you are helping one creation in growing within you, so I am not going to talk about this much. 

In our personal and professional life we often meet such persons who really leave an ever lasting impression and memories in the mind.   

Long back, I met a lady whom I knew before her marriage and she had succeeded in maintaining her zero figure right from the beginning. It was really nice to recall her happy face, her marriage and the day when she conceived. 

As her months started so her diet increased as well. After all she was to eat for her baby too and she was conscious about her figure so not feeling to eat much. But who doesn’t want a happy healthy baby so eating was a must.

Mostly every husband loves his wife but her husband was really sweet. He was to go to office each day and had to deal with everyday challenges but he managed to get time for her and do the shopping. It was decided between them that they both will gain weight. He will eat as much as she will eat. 

Each night her husband was coming home like a Santa Claus and giving her fruits, chocolates and other things.  Rich diet including milk was something she had to take now regularly. 

Both of them were in touch with me and I loved to listen to her tantrums and how beautifully her husband made her eat, drink and feel happy. 

In her nine months she gained nearly 17 kg and her husband around 9 to 10 kg. She gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby and in those hours she was the happiest woman. As the baby was in her hand she was satisfied. There was no complaining about her gained weight. 

When I went to see the blissed family, she said that she could remain plump for him for the life time but now she needed to become slim again. Everyone laughed but soon the luscious cry of the baby took our whole attention.

Around six month passed when they came to me saying that she wanted to get back into her shape. Now it was time for both of them to again begin to pay attention to their diet so they lose weight together. 

Mostly men want wife to be in shape but he was happy the way she looked. But she wanted to be in shape again. She wanted her pre-pregnancy shape back soon. Indeed it is not so easy to get back in shape after pregnancy. 

Husband was not in a hurry. It was fine for him. He was planning to have one more baby soon and this time a beautiful daughter. He wanted to complete his family with one son and one daughter. He said “daughter is essential for completing a family.”

She was in desperate hurry to get back in shape and start a new routine. She wanted to run long in the morning just to burn fat faster. She was in a mood to stop her milk, fruits and again eat like a bird so she gets slim. 

Suddenly dropping your food intake is not advisable. Skipping your breakfast or dinner is not fine. You have to lose weight while eating 5-6 times in a day. Losing weight is good. It is good to measure your weight as per your height and gender but give time to yourself after your pregnancy. 

Your baby still is in need of you. Still you need to carry the routine set by your baby. Still your baby is the top most priority for you. And good thing is that Santa Claus still has to come home with a bag of gifts for the baby and the mother. 

I agree, this is how love grows, relationship builds and harmony and peace live within a family. Becoming a mother is a challenge. It is like owning a responsibility from the front. You need the cooperation from other family members too. Their happy faces also help you to feel blissed. 

When you are eating with contentment, happiness and peace then it is definitely a miracle. It is the nectar that will add more happiness, health and prosperity in your life. Diet is one thing but happiness is that sugar coating which does not just add great bonding into the relationship but it also makes life worth living. 

Her husband was taking her here to us at diet clinic every now and then and sometime they were taking their baby too. The energy of love is the magic; it can bake and shuffle you with the fine radiant. They were happy. Both of them were trying to lose weight and follow a new weight loss diet plan.

It is really fine to remember her and her happy family. Thanks God that He made it possible that some stories end with happy notes. She gained her zero figure, just like she always wanted to be, like a young girl ready to fly with the wind.  

Time has really flown long but her memory is still fresh in my mind. We are still in touch and she is now mother of two babies and happy with her life.  

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